Type Lust

Love, love, love calligraphy. Just saw this on Hypebeast. The Salamatina Gallery is pleased to host an unprecedented installation, Calligraffiti: Letters of Independence, by the cutting-edge artist Niels Shoe Meulman. This unique project will open on the evening of Thursday, July 1st with a live Calligraffiti performance. During his opening-night performance, Meulman will literally rewrite… Continue reading Type Lust

Be Courteous….

Thanks (!!!) to Z at CommandZed for turning us on to these fine stationery gems from Gramkin Paper Studio. No need to spend time thinking of niceties — just hand over a courtesy card. I love the “You’re more like an acquaintance than a friend” card (pictured below). I could have used the digital edition… Continue reading Be Courteous….

Alejandro Paul is the man.

Love, love, love (x infinity) Alejandro Paul. His new font, Adios, has just been released and it’s a beauté. This man is a master. There are no better ways to express how we feel than love, love. See all of his typefaces only at Veer.