These luxe blankets are handmade on air-assisted shuttle looms, using naturally occurring brown and black sheep. These sheep aren’t common, and after three or four years, their fleeces tend to go grey, so SWANS ISALND is only able to weave a limited number of rare brown and black wool blankets each year. Get yours! SWANS… Continue reading SWANS ISLAND BLANKETS

Bombs Away!

These Seed Bombs are, well, the bomb. Five “gumball-sized” balls are packed into each pouch; just throw and grow! The balls break upon impact with the ground, rain and water further disintegrates the ball. Different blends are available: Flower, Herb, Dog & Cat Friendly, East Coast, Southeast, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, and Southwest. You… Continue reading Bombs Away!

Obsessed: Hozuki Lantern

This award-winning Hozuki Lantern by Snow Peak is fabulous! Inspired by the ancient Chinese lantern, the lantern has an innovative Candle Mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with a flicker of light; press the on/off button twice to enter candle mode with three different brightness settings. Winner of a Travel… Continue reading Obsessed: Hozuki Lantern

Get to Dustin’

CALDREA is throwing in lint-free cleaning cloths with orders of $40 or more* which may just the little nudge I need to start a cleaning products binge. I love their yummy-smelling products but there’s nothing like bustin’ dust. Shown above, clockwise from left: Ostrich Brush Pear wood handle with natural, harvestable feathers. 40.8 inches x… Continue reading Get to Dustin’


I’ve always been a big fan of the pouf. Easily used as an ottoman or extra seating, it’s easy to find a style that can be incorporated into most living spaces. Check out my four favorite styles.

Obsessed: DC26

I love, love, love my Dyson. Love. Nothing picks up dog hair like a Dyson. Crumbs? Dyson’s got your back. But, my 25-lb. DC33 just isn’t the best size for my apartment’s slim hallways. Hello, Dyson City. Dyson’s new, ultra-lightweight bagless canister vacuum is perfect for small hallways, dodging furniture and dogs.

Target x Calypso St. Barth

  If you’ve read any lifestyle magazines lately, I’m sure you’ve seen the brightly colored ads —Target is partnering with Calypso St. Barth! These fun, “destination-chic” pieces arrive just in time for summer. The collection is available May 1 through June 11 at all Target stores and Target.com. Select items, including dresses in petite and… Continue reading Target x Calypso St. Barth

Karl Zahn’s Whale

KARL ZAHN Beech Wood Whale Box Dimensions: 8.5″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″ $49 at General Store GENERAL STORE 4035 Judah Street San Francisco, CA 94122 (415) 682-0600


Ever thought you could have a life as a textile designer? SPOONFLOWER now allows you to live your dream. There’s no minimum and pricing is $18-32 per yard depending on how much you order. There’s also a weekly fabric design contest; the winner receives a $100 credit that can be applied to purchases on Spoonflower.… Continue reading SPOONFLOWER