Dye Job

I’ve been back to the stage where my hair is all one color for a while now. But, I like it a wee bit darker and sans any gray which requires dousing my head with chemicals and getting black hair dye all over my bathroom. I know I could have it done professionally, but…see Cutbacks… Continue reading Dye Job

Cutbacks, Part II.

As we continue our group effort to cut back on beauty expenses, I realize one small error in reasoning — summer is upon us. Tis is not the season to slack off on personal grooming. So what choice does a low-budget-want-to-be-groomed gal have? Self upkeep, friends. Time to kiss the weekly appointments goodbye. You may… Continue reading Cutbacks, Part II.


Spent a little time this week figuring out all the areas to save a little cash in these difficult economic times. First thing to go? Bi-weekly mani-pedis. Not entirely — let’s not get crazy. Pedicures are one of life’s little luxuries and I’m hanging on to that indulgence as long as I can. But, I… Continue reading Cutbacks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

For years, we’ve been hearing about the famed Queen of Brows, Anastasia Soare. And, unless you’re just returning from your relocation from somewhere with no media– you’ve, no doubt, heard of her as well. Recently, we tried the services ourselves and our eyebrows look…fantastic! We didn’t sit with the Queen of Brows herself- thanks, Tracy!-… Continue reading Anastasia Beverly Hills