Vertical gardening is more popular than ever! We love the WollyPocket but their price point isn’t for everyone. A fabulous alternative is the MiniGarden from Earthbox. Each MiniGarden comes as 3 layers (9 pockets) which include: 1 water collection tray, 3 planting rows, 3 lids/trays, and 18 assembly clips. Each MiniGarden measures 25″ L… Continue reading EARTHBOX MiniGarden


These modular felt planters from WOOLLYPOCKET are pretty fabulous. I’m already clearing space for the living wall. Woollypocket Little Meadow Felt Modular Garden This felt planter has breathable sides and a built-in moisture barrier. Height = 9 inches; Footprint = 24 x 24 inches; Volume = 3.0 cubic feet. $92 Woollypocket Wally One Modular Living… Continue reading WOOLLYPOCKET

Terrace to Table

There’s been so much chatter about terrace/balcony/apartment gardening. Considering starting your own? We’re starting our own very-local terrace garden. Step 1: Finding the right containers.