National Handwriting Day

Today is National Handwriting Day! That’s the new Business Penmanship Font (above) the fantastic Alejandro Paul. You can download the font specimen (PDF) here.

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Alejandro Paul is the man.

Love, love, love (x infinity) Alejandro Paul. His new font, Adios, has just been released and it’s a beauté. This man is a master. There are no better ways to express how we feel than love, love. See all of his typefaces only at Veer.


The late textile designer, Alexander Girard (1907 – 1993), is best known for his collaboration with Ray and Charles Eames. You’ve most likely seen imitations of his work and not even realized it. This blurb from House Industries sums it up best: “Every design discipline resides at the crossroads of art, influence, relevance, inspiration and… Continue reading ALEXANDER GIRARD

Build Your Own Fonts – FontStruct

FontShop has created a new tool that you build your own fonts online– FontStruct. It’s fairly basic– fonts are built from  geometrical shapes, which can be moved around on a grid. Once you’re done, the program generates high-quality TrueType fonts that are compatible with Mac OS or Windows. You also have the option of keeping… Continue reading Build Your Own Fonts – FontStruct