On Sunday, we headed over to David Myers’ Comme Ça in West Hollywood for brunch. The company was great, the food was fantastic and the drinks were superfragilistic. Check out those drinks (pictured below) — it’s called a Penicillin. It’s a wonderful concoction made with scotch, pureed ginger, lemon and honey poured over one giant… Continue reading COMME ÇA

Comme Ça

Comme Ça 8479 Melrose Ave | West Hollywood, CA 90069 | (323) 782-1104 Best: 1. onion soup 2. moules frites 3. bar Which is not to say that Comme Ça only does simple foods. Other crowd favorites include glazed sweetbreads and crème brûlée. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves but beware- this place is LOUD. At one… Continue reading Comme Ça