Thanks to an awesome Daily Candy deal, I finally got to splurge on some long-coveted products from THE LAUNDRESS. ¬†Shown above: Wash & Stain Bars Can be used for spot cleaning and hand washing. Best when used for working on stains found on collars, cuffs, small straps & other tricky areas. Not recommended for wine… Continue reading BUY: THE LAUNDRESS

Get to Dustin’

CALDREA is throwing in lint-free cleaning cloths with orders of $40 or more* which may just the little nudge I need to start a cleaning products binge. I love their yummy-smelling products but there’s nothing like bustin’ dust. Shown above, clockwise from left: Ostrich Brush Pear wood handle with natural, harvestable feathers. 40.8 inches x… Continue reading Get to Dustin’

Obsessed: DC26

I love, love, love my Dyson. Love. Nothing picks up dog hair like a Dyson. Crumbs? Dyson’s got your back. But, my 25-lb. DC33 just isn’t the best size for my apartment’s slim hallways. Hello, Dyson City. Dyson’s new, ultra-lightweight bagless canister vacuum is perfect for small hallways, dodging furniture and dogs.

Buzz: Full Circle Come Clean

Now you can make your own natural cleaning solutions with this cleaning set from FULL CIRCLE. The kit includes: 2 spray bottles, 2 juicers, a recipe book and microfiber cleaning cloth. FULL CIRCLE Come Clean Full Set $24.99 at Chef’s Tools