EAT: Radiance Tea House & Books (New York, NY)

My business trips to New York always seem to dictate staying in Midtown. On my last trip, I discovered Radiance Tea House just a couple blocks away from the hotel. The lunch menu (PDF) includes variety of soups, salads, dumplings and combo meals (above). I appreciated the vast tea selection but had difficulty distinguishing between all… Continue reading EAT: Radiance Tea House & Books (New York, NY)

KANG KANG Food Court

I had heard that this low-key, order-at-the-counter restaurant in Alhambra was fantastic. I was so excited to try it and not often in Alhambra, I went crazy ordering. Two of totally pigged out and had: – Shanghai Pan Fried Bao (8): $5.77 – Jing Dong Meat Pie: $4.85 – Dow Xiao Beef Noodles (the noodles… Continue reading KANG KANG Food Court