DRAGON PHOENIX at Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai

I usually spend all my time in Shanghai in Xuhui or Luwan. The Bund area, often overrun with tourists, is not somewhere I spend a lot of time. On my last night in Shanghai this year, I found myself with two friends wandering around the Bund at 9pm looking for a good restaurant. Unfamiliar with… Continue reading DRAGON PHOENIX at Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai

SHANGHAI: Getting There, Pt. 1

Obtaining a Chinese Visa Entry requirements do change. Be sure to verify information with the State Department or the Chinese Consulate website before you begin planning for your trip. Unless you hold a passport from Japan, Singapore or Brunei, you’ll need a visa for the People’s Republic of China. If you’re a citizen of the… Continue reading SHANGHAI: Getting There, Pt. 1

SHANGHAI: Quick Intro

When learning of Shanghai’s past you’ll often hear the words colorful, scandalous, glamourous and decadent. Spend some time in the city and it’s no wonder why it was referred to a “Paris of the East”. Once upon a time foreign governments were given areas of land to build and enforce laws as they saw fit.… Continue reading SHANGHAI: Quick Intro

Shanghai Tailoring.

Posting one last tidbit about Shanghai. You MUST have some garments made whilst you’re visiting. If you have fabric that you’d like to use, pack it up and bring it with you. Otherwise, there’s plenty available at the Fabric Market. Shanghai Fabric Market (Daily 9am-6pm) Dong Jia Du, Huang Jia Ma Tou, 399 Lujiabang Lu… Continue reading Shanghai Tailoring.

Shanghai, Part 三 (3)

Shanghai is all about the Expo. Construction is in full force signs touting “Better City, Better Life” are plastered all over the city. Snack foods seem to differ a little here.

Shanghainese Sheng Jian Bao 上海生煎包

The Sheng Jian Bao 上海生煎包 is a must-have when you’re in Shanghai. These pork-filled, soup dumplings/buns are pan-fried until just the bottoms are crisp; the tops are covered in chives and sesame seeds. The best dumplings are readily available in restaurants all over Shanghai and there are small shops designed to be more pick-up-and-go; these… Continue reading Shanghainese Sheng Jian Bao 上海生煎包


Last night, we headed over to the expat hangout SOUTHERN BARBARIAN to check out their popular Yunnan chicken wings and soups. Huge bonus being able to wash it all down with a Brooklyn Lager. While the food was tasty, it’s easy to see why this restaurant is more popular with non-Shanghainese. The bowl of noodle… Continue reading SOUTHERN BARBARIAN, Shanghai

MANNE ET SANTE Bakery, Shanghai

MANNE ET SANTE now has a brand new outpost in the French Concession district. Yay! Just a few days of non-stop Chinese food (which you know I LOVE, LOVE) and I was ecstatic to see a baguette. Now if only I could find a great quesadilla….

Shanghai, Part 二 (2)

This city of 19 million can be a little daunting to navigate at first, but if you keep an eye out for speeding mopeds and bicyclists on sidewalks and you should be well on your way. Once you’ve gotten used to the pace of the city, you should figure out which districts you’d like to… Continue reading Shanghai, Part 二 (2)

NAN LING Restaurant, Shanghai

Nan Ling is a Shanghai favorite and occupies a 1920s mansion that used to house Shanghai’s former Beijing opera artists. Specializing in Huaiyang cuisine (the area in Jiangsu province around Yangzhou) there are many standout favorites including their roast duck and lions head meatballs with crabmeat. Delicious! The decor is a little schizo but once… Continue reading NAN LING Restaurant, Shanghai

The Morris Estate / Ruijin Hotel Shanghai

The French Concession (上海法租界 / Shànghǎi Fǎ Zūjiè) district in Shanghai was established in 1849, when the French Consul to Shanghai obtained a proclamation from the Governor of Shanghai which conceded certain territory for a French settlement; the concession came to an end in 1943. This area is drove the “Paris of the East” reputation… Continue reading The Morris Estate / Ruijin Hotel Shanghai