After my first visit to THE VILLAGE IDIOT I wondered why I hadn’t been there before. The food was great, the service was great and…did I mention the food? We certainly didn’t hold back. We started with brussels sprouts with smoked bacon and the crispy pork belly with fried green tomatoes. We followed that up… Continue reading THE VILLAGE IDIOT


I’ve been to ELEVEN a bunch of times over the last couple years, but the location (further east than most) means that traffic can be slower than other establishments. To my boys with their swivel necks and constant scanning eyes– this usually means we end up elsewhere. But, we found ourselves at Eleven last night… Continue reading ELEVEN

TRES at SLS Hotel

Last week, three of us found that we all had the afternoon off. What to do? Cocktails! We called ahead to Bazaar thought the message saying they were “open for reservations from 10am to 10pm” meant the restaurant was open from 10am-10pm. Not so much. But, after you pull into the valet — whatchagonnado? Good… Continue reading TRES at SLS Hotel