MAKE: One Very Fancy Barbeque

Go fancy (easily!) for your Independence Day barbeque by elevating your must-have condiments: 1. EMPIRE White Truffle Mayonnaise 4 oz. jar, $8 2. MCCLURE’S Garlic Relish 9 0z. jar, $8.50 at Dean & Deluca 3. BALAKIAN FARMS Organic Tomato Sauce Various flavors, $10-14 Complete the set with Sir Kensington’s scooping ketchup

BUY: SIR KENSINGTON Scooping Ketchup

Think all bottles of ketchup are equal? I used to. Then I happened upon SIR KENSINGTON Classic Scooping Ketchup at Sur La Table. (image: Sir Kensington) Using vine-ripened pear tomato puree instead of tomato concentrate and swapping out high fructose corn syrup with a blend of agave, honey and raw brown sugar makes one hell… Continue reading BUY: SIR KENSINGTON Scooping Ketchup

Sew: Felt Fish

These felt fish were inspired by a wall-hanging I bought in China. An auspicious symbol, they’re a great craft idea for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I hand drew my pattern and have yet to digitize it (coming soon!) so I don’t have anything available for download. You can always enlarge the photo above and… Continue reading Sew: Felt Fish

Cook: Shrimp & Mushroom Pizza

As you may already know, I’m a wee obsessed with Trader Joe’s refrigerated pizza dough. Most of the time I keep it pretty basic– a little sauce, mushrooms and cheese. But, every once in a while I like to change it up and I’ve become a big fan of the shrimp and mushroom variety.


If you haven’t already jumped on board the baker’s twine train, you should. Baker’s twine is great for a variety of purposes– wrapping gifts, crafting, scrapbooking…the list goes on and on. I love the variety of of colors from DIVINE TWINE. Available in singles or sets (The Sweet Dozen, shown above) you’ll find all the twine… Continue reading Buy: DIVINE TWINE

Buy: Rachael Ray EVOO Bottle

For years, I’ve been keeping my cooking oil in a plastic squeeze bottle. Before that it was a repurposed glass bottle but the oil often dribbled down the side. The squeeze bottle– designed for dressings–worked well but for those of you that have used plastic bottles before, you know this delivery method isn’t long-lasting. Inevitably,… Continue reading Buy: Rachael Ray EVOO Bottle

Buy: What Up, My Ninja?

When my friend, F., sent these to me my response was only two words: Um…AWESOME. If I need go on an explain why, you just don’t get the awesomeness. Molded from rugged, food-safe ABS plastic. Each cookie cutter measures approx. 4 inches x 3 inches. $7.99 at Perpetual Kid