My first week in Chicago I tried Lou Malnati’s. Amaze-balls. Last week, I had a friend in town from San Francisco. She wanted to try Giordano’s. Tourist trap — I know, I know! But, gotta say…there cheese-stuffed was pretty fantastic. Who doesn’t love ooey gooey cheese galore? Yum. GIORDANO’S Locations throughout Chicago 

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BUY: SHUKY Par Avion iPad Case

Fabulously luxe and clever leather iPad case styled like a manila envelope? Yes. Wanted? Yes. SHUKY Par Avion iPad Case, Classic Manila Beige $109 + $30 shipping to USA Also available in black and additional sizes

BUY: “Out of Print” Kindle Covers

Love your eReader and classic literature? Then you’ll love these “Out of Print” Kindle covers by M-EDGE. Shown above, from left to right: The Hound of… Out of Print for Nook 1 $40 1984 Out of Print for Kindle 3 $30 Great Gatsby 1 Out of Print for Kindle 3 $30

Watch: The Unusuals (2009)

If you know me at all, you know I’m a big fan of detective shows. I love (almost) all drama related to crime, forensics, etc. Anytime there’s a new show in this genre on the air, I’m in. Some (ahem, Charlie’s Angels) don’t quite make the cut but I’m usually willing to give ’em all… Continue reading Watch: The Unusuals (2009)

Sew: Felt Fish

These felt fish were inspired by a wall-hanging I bought in China. An auspicious symbol, they’re a great craft idea for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I hand drew my pattern and have yet to digitize it (coming soon!) so I don’t have anything available for download. You can always enlarge the photo above and… Continue reading Sew: Felt Fish

Listen: JOHN CRUZ “One of These Days”

I first heard the JOHN CRUZ cover of the classic Hawaiian song “Hi’ilawe” at the end of Monday’s episode of Hawaii Five-O. After listening to samples of all the songs on Cruz’s “One of These Days” album, which includes “Hi’ilawe”, I am in love, love, love. As a fan of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole,… Continue reading Listen: JOHN CRUZ “One of These Days”