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When I was touring the city before relocating, the front desk clerk at The James listed GRAHAMWICH as a must-try, nearby recommendation. Unfortunately, award-winning chef Graham Elliot’s sandwich shop is only open from 8am-5pm and I was unable to sample the fare. These days, Grahamwich provides a nice break from the office and it’s never difficult to convince colleagues to join.

It’s hard to pick a favorite sandwich. I’m slowly making my way through the menu; my first sandwich was the Pastrami Reuben (photo, above) with homemade sauerkraut, toasted caraway, gruyere fondue and 1000 island on marbled rye. Recently, I’ve been on a Waldof Chicken kick (photo, below)–with grapes, walnuts, gorgonzola and shaved celery–often. I like it in a pita. But, beware – the pitas are sometimes smaller than two slices of bread and you may end up with half a sandwich. Give the guy/gal behind the counter a heads up and they’ll include the remaining portion of chicken salad on the side.



Above: Heirloom Turkey – stewed cranberries, chestnut stuffing, soft brie, gravy mayo in a pita pocket

Located in a historical landmark building, former home to Tree Studios, there is a beautiful courtyard behind the shop. Arrive early to bask in one of downtown’s best seats.

615 N State St
Chicago, IL ‎
(312) 265-0434 ‎

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