A while back, my awesome friend F. gave me a felt “pocket ninja”. As an admirer of cute, useless objects I was immediately smitten. Recently, when organizing my sewing box, I came across several small pincushions and decided I needed one large one. I couldn’t use the original (duh!) so I decided to produce a clone.

To get started, you’ll need:

Pattern View the pattern and download here
Fabric (I chose a medium-weight denim, but any fabric will do)
2 Buttons for eyes
1 Small piece of felt or fabric for face mask
Stuffing – batting or scraps of fabric

For the face mask, you’ll need fabric that won’t fray. Waxed canvas, for example, would work well. I have lots of felt scraps so I just used one of those.

After cutting out two pieces of fabric for the body, sew the face mask and eyes on to front (“right side”) of one piece. See image below for example (shows only the eyes sewn on).

After sewing the face mask on, match up the two pieces together– front sides should face each other– and sew together. Leave a small gap open; you’ll need this for the stuffing. I wanted to use up items I already had at home so I used old scraps of fabric for my stuffing which is why pincushion ninja is lumpier than if I would have used batting. After stuffing, sew the gap closed and you’re done!

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