Get to Dustin’

CALDREA is throwing in lint-free cleaning cloths with orders of $40 or more* which may just the little nudge I need to start a cleaning products binge. I love their yummy-smelling products but there’s nothing like bustin’ dust.

Shown above, clockwise from left:

Ostrich Brush
Pear wood handle with natural, harvestable feathers. 40.8 inches x 4.6 inches x 3.4 inches

Clothes Brush
This durable brush helps remove dust, lint and hair from fabrics. Made in Germany with a pear wood handle, bronze wire, and natural bristles. 10 inches by 1 1/ 2 inch

Petite Dot Duster
Soft and pliable for general dusting. Pear wood handle with goat hair bristles. 13.5 inches long

Edging Duster Brush
Great for sweeping away the dust that accumulates in the grooves of crown molding and other carved wooden edging. One side has soft horsehair for the more casual dust that accumulates daily, and a side with stiffer bristles where more muscle is required. Also perfect for sweeping away the dust that computers and other electronics tend to attract. Styled from richly colored and fine-grained pear wood. 10.5 inches long

*Offer good through 9/12/11

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