Toe-tally New Me!

As a one who partakes in the regular pedicure, I always thought my toes were in pretty good shape. But, I’ve always had a wee issue– when pressing down on my big toe I’ve always had discomfort caused by the side of my nail pressing into the toenail bed. I’ve always thought of this as a minor nuisance aggravated when wearing heels or running shoes. But not painful enough to inquire about medical attention; frankly, I figured nothing could be done. Then, the other day while shopping online, I came across a product billed as an ingrown toenail file. The slim file slips under the nail and files away the curved nail, i.e. the area that causes the pain. Makes sense, right? I ordered one right away and eagerly awaited its arrival.

This thing is amazing! It’s so easy to use and all the discomfort is completely gone! I can’t overstate what a huge difference this little tool made. Pain. Gone. My only regret is not ordering one sooner. Don’t make the same mistake.

Satin Edge 2 Sided Ingrown Toenail File
$5.93 at

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