Petsmart x Martha Stewart

Martha went to Kmart. I went to Kmart. Martha went to Macy’s. I went to Macy’s. And now that Martha Stewart has designed a new collection for Petsmart, I am going to Petsmart.

Here are my dog, M.’s, favorites, clockwise from top left:

Crochet Squeak Toy
M. is usually a tough chewer so these aren’t ideal for her– they’re for “moderate chewers only” but they’re just so cute we had to include them in our picks.
Various shapes, $9.99

Waste Bag Dispenser
This is the best looking waste bag dispenser that I’ve seen. Attaches to any leash.

Toy Storage Bin
Love the slot in the front for easy access. 100% cotton canvas.

Silicone Feeding Mat
No more drips!

Chicken Coop Toy
Toys inside of toys test your dog’s problem-solving skills and reward patience and perseverance

3-Piece Bowl Set
Lid- fabulous! Is there more to be said?
$10.99-$18.99, Small, Medium and Large

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