The new AGENT PROVOCATEUR for Autumn/Winter 2010  includes the super sexy lingerie the brand is known for as well as their debut “jewellery” collection. The inspiration behind the new jewelry line:

Dark Fairytale: Dark Fairytale is inspired by the shocking undertones of Hans Christian Anderson’s fantastical fairytales and the mystery evoked in Pedersen and Frolich’s iconic illustrations. The dark wood comes alive engulfing Snow White as she innocently explores this new environment. Layer upon layer of delicate 18ct gold chains are enchanting when adorned with thorns, subtly glistening by day, barbed after dark.

Latin/Graffiti: Encoded romantic messages give an empowering force behind the Latin/Graffiti collection. ‘Kiss me with a thousand kisses’ conjures a passionate notion when inscribed in Latin on a dainty bangle; ‘Love conquers all things: let us to surrender to love’ is equally sublime. ‘Always wear your underwear’ is a cheeky reminder of the Agent Provocateur philosophy, cleverly encrypted in translation. The simple Graffiti rings marked ‘amor’, ‘damina’ and ‘beau’ make a poignant gift between partners.

Shackle: The Shackle collection is inspired by the intricate workmanship of harness-makers at the root of heritage designers. A fantasy of Marlene Dietrich, ‘The Scarlet Empress’, in dressage regalia gives character to this glamorous necklace and bracelet. An 18ct horse-shoe clasp and a fine gold chain give a beautiful accent to these bold pieces.

Harem Nights: Imagine the chaos and theatre of the harem sequence in Federico Fellini’s ‘8 1/2’ as the women captivate Marcello; imagine Elizabeth Taylor glittering and alluring in ‘Cleopatra’; this is the power of the exotic unknown. Harem makes a dramatic statement as black rhodium plate is juxtaposed with the finest 18ct chains in earrings suspended and fluid, like liquid gold. A necklace that sits under the bosom summons a mystical memory of ‘A Thousand and One Nights’. An oversized crystal ring completes the collection.

Bullet: Bullet is a kitsch collection of luxurious garnet cabochons, moulded into 18ct gold plate to mimic deadly bullets. The inner Bond Girl is revealed wearing the individual bullet ring, or the curb chain bracelet with a double-bullet clasp. A single bullet cabochon pendant hangs like a poison vial, dangerous and instantly empowering.

Military Cross: Visions of Liliana Cavani’s ‘The Night Porter’ inspire this collection, charged with erotic and dark imagery. Power is placed in the idea of the Uniform, which in ‘Military Cross’ is celebrated in the medal-like centrepiece of the dramatic necklace.A two-minute film accompanies a print campaign and lookbook of filmic stills and video shorts. These individual elements of the campaign support an Autumn/Winter 2010 lingerie collection which takes inspiration from strong female protagonists from late 20th Century Hollywood cinema.

Check out the new Agent Provocateur A/W 2010 lingerie.

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