Terrace to Table

There’s been so much chatter about terrace/balcony/apartment gardening. Considering starting your own? We’re starting our own very-local terrace garden. Step 1: Finding the right containers. While more traditional pots and planters will certainly work grow bags are light, making them easy to move, and they allow for easy drainage. Our top picks:

I love, love these mobile garden containers from the French company, BACSAC (above). Available atĀ A+R in Venice, these chic and sturdy bags are priced fromĀ $52 (for a suspended hanging bag) to $275 (for a “Bacsquare” 16 square bag), these bags are pricey so make sure you’re really going to get that home garden going before purchasing.

While the Bacsacs all have sturdy straps and rods to help maintain shape there are plenty of lower cost options available. Not as chic, but for veterans who prefer to section off their own bags or for new gardeners these next picks are certainly a more cost-effective option.

Left: Salad Grow Bag, $12.99
Right: Herb Planting Bag, $9.99
More sizes available at Gardener’s Supply Company

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