Nutrisystem, Week 1

I’m about a week and a half in to the Nutrisystem program and it’s going better than expected. I was really expecting to be starving but it’s been easier than I thought. Gives perspective to all the crap I was eating before. Depending on what you’re eating, the meals themselves– breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack– come to about 700 calories a day. Sounds drastic, but you supplement with other things like dairy and vegetables. For example, I have a light yogurt (100 calories) with my breakfast and a side of spinach with lunch. I also snack on fresh veggies throughout the day.

Having never truly dieted before, this process has been challenging. But, I feel really good about it. Like I said earlier, it really made me reflect on what I was eating before. I always thought of myself as a light eater– I don’t consume large portions– but the foods I was eating were high in fat, sugar and all kinds of things that lead to weight gain.

Just a few more days before I get to the halfway point of Month 1. Stay tuned.

All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their Nutrisystem15 program. Views expressed here are my own.

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