Boy, do we love MOSLEY TRIBES. Yesterday we tweeted about the brand new beaded Lyndels…and today we’re posting the pics. These hand-beaded beauties from jewelry designer Jenny Dayco are fab. From the Mosley Tribes blog:

Inspired by the elements of Native American arts and culture, Mosley Tribes proudly presents the newest addition to the Lyndel sunglass category, the hand beaded temples.

Patterned after Native American hand woven blankets, both temples on the black Lyndel are individually hand laid using brightly colored ceramic beads. The frame design is retro-inspired in an angular plastic cut.The keyhole bridge accentuates the softly contoured lens shape while the frame front sports retro pin detailing. Hand beaded by Jenny Dayco, the former graphic designer and talent agent is self-taught in the art of jewelry designing and works in stinctively from the gut while her hands brilliantly produce each and every single piece. “I just love making things that are insane and fantastic, pushing my own understanding of beauty and adornment on the body,” Dayco gushes. “I love creating pieces that make people feel confident and bring them joy.” The Beaded Lyndel will be produced in limited quantities and will be available at exclusively at Oliver Peoples Boutiques at Sunset Plaza and Soho and select stores nationwide July 2010.

Images: Mosley Tribes

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