I’m Not Smart Enough.

So I’ve been immersed in the PROJECT RUNWAY marathon and I have a couple thoughts…. 1) Reminded of Margaret Cho’s special when she called Michael Kors a Bitchy Tangerine. Good one. 2) Loved it when the Bitchy Tangerine spoke on Ari’s design (Ep. 1) and wondered if it was a hot mess or if he just wasn’t smart enough to get it. Which brings me to…


From left to right:

The Original Love/Hate Convertible Chain Shades by A-Morir
I assume these are called Love/Hate because they immediately evoke that feeling. I love that someone would have the balls to be wearing these. But would hate to wear them myself.

Deena & Ozzy Faux Fur Hood
I’m torn here. My first thought was “dead animal on her head about to claw her face off!”  Then I kinda started to love it. But, not sure I’d BUY it.

Yokoo Cocoon Mushroom Hat
Is the model’s head obscenely small or is it supposed to look like this? Given it’s called the Cocoon Mushroom hat, I would assume the fit is intentional. Totally looks like that mushroom-head character in Mario Kart.

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