Rwanda Path to Peace Project


Macy’s and Fair Winds Trading have once again partnered up for the Rwanda Path to Peace project. The basket collection includes traditional baskets like those woven for centuries in Rwanda. The project employs thousands of weavers and has allowed Rwandan women to support their own communities — Trade vs. Aid — and have already been used for clean water, mosquito netting, nutrition and medication.


Pictured above, l-r:

Rwanda “Thousand Hills” Large Bowl, 16″
Rwanda is known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills.” This hand-woven raffia bowl recalls the country’s nickname, where each small hill is home to a different village.

Rwanda “New Africa” Bowl, 12″
Brightly colored wedges of varying sizes and shapes emanate out from the center of the bowl, symbolizing the women of Rwanda reaching across the boundaries of gender and geography to positively impact thousands of lives-from the weavers who make the baskets to the customers whose lives are enriched by their art.


Pictured above, l-r:

Rwanda “Day” Peace Basket, 12″ x 7″
The pagoda-shaped basket is so unique to Rwanda that it is included on the national seal. Historically given as a wedding gift, the Day Peace Basket is hand-crafted from enzyme-washed papyrus and banana leaf. The zigzag design tells an ancient story of friends walking together, visiting neighboring villages along the way.

Fair Winds Trading Rwanda Basket, Spirit Bowl
Virtually humming with life and energy, the Spirit bowl embodies the spirit and vitality of the Rwandan people. The precise two-color pattern, which represents the interconnected nature of the nation’s past and future, seems to dance and shimmer on the bowl’s surface. Woven entirely by hand, this beautiful piece is infused with the Rwandan people’s hope for a bright future.

Images: Macy’s

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