Shanghai, Part 三 (3)


Shanghai is all about the Expo. Construction is in full force signs touting “Better City, Better Life” are plastered all over the city.


Snack foods seem to differ a little here.


I don’t think this is a matter of Chinglish. Just really bad advisement on English naming conventions.


The obession with Pabst is worldwide. This was all that was left on the shelf. Must be the expats.


The Chinese name for this is literally “black person’s toothpaste”. The English name actually used to be “Darkie” but due to some obvious push back, they changed it a few years ago. Only the English part. Seriously. Look it up.


A whole aisle full of nuts. Who knew Chinese were so nuts for nuts?


Uh…do they make this in the States? Because it actually sounds pretty good.


I believe these are cured meats of some sort. Unsure.

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