So, you come off a 16-hour flight (with layover) and hopefully one of your first thoughts is that you need to get to a shower. All good, but in Shanghai you have the luxury of someone else washing your hair. Yup, you heard me. For 20RMB (about $3USD) I got my hair shampooed with a head and neck massage and was on my way. For a few dollars more, you can ask for a blowout.


After my luxe hair-washing experience, I headed next door to “Ji Ji” to pick up lunch to go.


蔥油餅 Green onion “pancakes”


Chow mein with pork and tender greens


A Shanghainese staple — 小籠包 (Xiaolongbao) soup dumplings. Traditionally, these are served in bamboo steamer baskets, but this is what they look like when you get them to go so you can scarf them down in privacy.

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