You Know You’re In Love When….

For the past six years, my uber -fabulous stylist Addie (Chess & Burman) and I have been entertaining each other with stories of ridiculous romantic encounters gone completely haywire. Then, last week, she handed me this little book titled “You Know You’re In Love When….” I thought I was in for a cute take on Kim Grove’s “Love Is” comics. Au contraire, mon frère. These little gems are hilarious…and a little diiiirty. There were tears. Mostly from laughter, some from empathy.

The authors– Chris Delhomme, Karen Latsey and Daniel Rhyder– “have collectively had seven long term relationships, 25 short term, 162 third dates, 23 one night stands, and 19 “what the hell were we thinking’s.” [They’ve] been in therapy, participated in late night drive by’s, hung up on answering machines, egged cars, and sent inappropriate emails, all in the name of love.”

Here’s a favorite. And, one that evokes memories of the time I was in Santa Monica…well, no one needs to know that story.


To get your own soon-to-be-worn-and-passed-around copy, visit Fred Segal Santa Monica or The Bungalow in West Hollywood. Or, order a copy online at

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