Your feet deserve better.

So, last year I was flying all over the place for meetings, rushing in and out of airports. As you’re running for the United gate at JFK, it doesn’t take long to realize those super hot heels you’re wearing just aren’t made for running…or standing…or much of anything but looking hot. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. Think about that last time you were out gettin’ your party on and your feet just weren’t on your side. There are two pairs of shoes I have that I consistenly get compliments on — and they’re comfortable as hell. NATURALIZERS. That’s right, ladies. If you’re thinking grandma shoes…a lot are, but they’ve got some standouts that really do the trick and are a fabulous balance between fashion and comfort. We know, we know. These are the pups you’re gonna break out when you’re out to do some damage. Those 4-inch stilettos are better suited. But, these are great for when you know you’re gonna spend a lot of time on your feet and you want more than your Havaianas.

Don’t want to heed our warning? That’s ok. You’ll think of this the next time you’re limping to your car contemplating whether you really want to walk barefoot down that possibly-urine-stained walkway.

Pictured above, top to bottom:

Naturalizer Emery
$75 $49.99 On Sale!

Naturalizer Jangle
$60 $49.99 On Sale!

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