Depressed (boots, that is)


Summer’s barely off to a start and we’re already looking towards Fall. One collection on our radar is the new Timberland Boot Company’s “Depression-chic” collection inspired by women who shaped and defined post-industrial America. Each shoe is handcrafted to look “well worn,” much like their counterparts in the acclaimed men’s collection. Post-applied details like a whimsical stitch, a piece of ribbon, a patch of leather or an interesting fabric, are materials a woman of the depression era would have had access to at home or in the workplace to repair or update her shoes. This process results in subtle variances that make each shoe unique.

The line includes three key collections, designed by three different designers. Each designer approached her collection by researching the time period to identify societal milestones that may have affected what women were wearing. They identified fictional and real-life female icons — including Georgia O’Keefe, Rosie the Riveter and their own grandmothers — pulling inspiration from both historical and family archives.

Marge (pictured above) – Inspired by the women who moved to cities and entered the workforce, styles (including Peep Toe and Lace Up heels) feature simple stitching and delicate details – embellishments that convey a unique sense of femininity and individuality. Women, then and now, might wear these as a casual office heel.

Lucille – Inspired by the days when women were called upon by their country for duty – in factories and on assembly lines – styles (including Lace Up and Tall Boots) feature toned-down leathers that appear worn and repaired, to reflect the utility and ingenuity of the era. These rugged, work-wear silhouettes are delicately crafted with a narrow shaft reminiscent of vintage boots for everyday wear.

Gavie – Inspired by women who cherished artistic expression – artists and teachers, for example – styles (including Kilties and Oxfords) are traditional and artful, with chic details, accents, unique leather combinations and understated stitching. Designed for an active lifestyle, this collection is versatile, allowing women to dress styles up or down to extend a wearing occasion.

Available in stores September 2009.

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