Spent a little time this week figuring out all the areas to save a little cash in these difficult economic times. First thing to go? Bi-weekly mani-pedis. Not entirely — let’s not get crazy. Pedicures are one of life’s little luxuries and I’m hanging on to that indulgence as long as I can. But, I figured I would take a go at manicuring my own nails. Yeah, I know. Life is tough. Just kidding…kinda. I used to do this myself a while back and then just got lazy. For a long time I convinced myself that as long as I applied cuticle cream (every once in a while, not religiously) I would be ok. Tip: if you’re not going to give yourself the full-on manicure, you gotta use the cuticle cream religiously. My favorite is A&D Ointment, best known for use on diaper rash, cuts and scrapes– this stuff works wonders on hands. I digress. Back to the manicure. So after I clipped, filed and buffed I applied a couple coats of my favorite clear polish of all time — Diamond Shield. Love this shit. Two coats and you’re shined and ready to go. Get yourself some. I figure if I keep this up I can hang on to the pedicures a little while longer. Spa chair, please.

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