Cutbacks, Part II.

waxAs we continue our group effort to cut back on beauty expenses, I realize one small error in reasoning — summer is upon us. Tis is not the season to slack off on personal grooming. So what choice does a low-budget-want-to-be-groomed gal have? Self upkeep, friends. Time to kiss the weekly appointments goodbye. You may recall our experience with manicures. Next on our list– the wax. Again, let’s not get crazy. The bikini waxing I will always leave to the pros. If you’re able to rain down that kind of pain upon your own body there is something seriously wrong with you. You should seek help. Immediately. Oops. There I go again, off on a sadomasochistic tangent. Back to the waxing. Barring the bikini, I figured I could tackle the rest myself. Though, it did bring to mind a horrible incident in college trying to wax my own underarm. I found myself unable to rip the molten (and cooled) wax off my seared delicate skin and just gave up, got dressed and walked around with wax stuck to my armpit all day. Lesson learned: small sections at a time. Again, I digress. Just keep the wax to small sections, follow the directions included (a must!) and you should be you’ll be fine. Our two favorite do-it-yourself potions are pictured above (l-r):

$8.99 at
This type of wax is best if you have some sort of a warmer or permanent container (for microwaving or stove top heating) at home.

SALLY HANSEN Microwaveable Wax
$6.99 at
The microwaveable formula and included accessories are super easy to use, but they don’t get the fine hairs everytime. Also, be sure to make sure you heat this to the right consistency. Too hot and the wax won’t pull off as easily.

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