On Sunday, we headed over to David Myers’ Comme Ça in West Hollywood for brunch. The company was great, the food was fantastic and the drinks were superfragilistic. Check out those drinks (pictured below) — it’s called a Penicillin. It’s a wonderful concoction made with scotch, pureed ginger, lemon and honey poured over one giant block of ice. I strongly recommend you get yourself one…or three. Check out the other dishes we recommend after the jump.



5 selection of cheeses from la fromagerie


That’s how the $25 cheese plate breaks down when you have seven people.


Croque Monsieur – toasted ham and gruyere sandwich, $12
This was utterly fab. So much so I found myself putting off using the restroom (2 Penicillins) as I was afraid to leave the sandwich on the table.


Pain Perdu – creme brulee french toast ($13) + side of country sausage ($5)
We tried to resist this temptation of a breakfast/dessert. But, we finally lost our resolve and the creme brulee and french toast combination is exactly what you would expect — heaven.

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