Years ago, this gal we knew was dating a guy that had just opened up a BBQ place on Lincoln in Venice called Baby Blues. One day, we ventured a run and had delicious food including one of the best mac and cheese experiences ever. Since then, we’ve often thought of returning, but just haven’t made it. So, we couldn’t have been more excited when we heard Baby Blues was opening up a post closer to us in West Hollywood. (Here it comes.)

The crowd could not have been trendier. Great if you’re in from out of town — or the Valley — but, eh, not so much for us. If you’re following us on Twitter, you may have seen our tweet asking if they had partnered with SBE. The pulled pork was ok, mac and cheese was ok. If you could see us, this is where we do the “eh” wave with the hand. Perhaps it was the 1-hour wait by the bar, which started out being fun, but when you’re not seated by 9pm…”eh”. Trying to decide between the mashed potatos and the potato salad? You won’t be able to tell the difference — our server couldn’t.

And while this may not be the most positive review, we do encourage you to test the waters for yourself. We heard the ribs were amazing. And, we still give our first experience (in Venice) quite a bit of cred — maybe it was just an off day.

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